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bible studies and other resources

Reading your Bible can be a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you read it? And why do you read it? The Bible is the tool God gave us to learn about who He is. It contains God’s words, and allows us to see His story. Here you'll find resources on how to read the Bible. 

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open your bible

In this study guide you will some resources that may help you read and understand what you are reading better. Use the templates to go through any passage you are studying.

women of the word study guide

There are so many influential and important women in the Bible. Over the next 30 days spend time learning and praying over different women of the Word.

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coloring and prayer jounral picture.png

coloring and prayer journal

In this journal you will find ways that you can take time to mediate on the Word of God through coloring while also being able to pray through the same scripture.

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