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Welcome to the blog!

Hi friends! Many of you have followed us on Instagram or Facebook with daily encouragement & prayer posts. But recently we realized we also wanted to add an extra space where we could add more of our thoughts. Enter this blog.

So without further ado, here’s the official first blog post:

I’ve talked before on how Women’s First Moments came to be. But I'll dive in a little deeper, because when I think about what lead me here, it’s been years in the making, and God’s hands are all over it.

While I was pregnant I was working as a admin in an orthopedic clinic. It was a job, and that’s basically all I have to say about it. Ha! But after I had our first baby the cost of daycare was just about the salary I was making, so after some prayer we decided we would try to make it work and I would stay home. For the most part it worked out really well, but there has always been something missing. Some of it comes from the fact I have had a job since I was 16. So not working, not helping to support our family financially was hard. So throughout different periods when we didn’t have newborns I would get random part time jobs (the hardest being working nights as a nursing assistant — working nights then caring for kids all day was ROUGH). But nothing fully filled me.

Many times I would pray that God would lead me to do something where I could encourage others, and lead others to him. I tried different avenues for this, but nothing seemed to be the right fit. I just had no idea how I would ever feel fulfilled in doing something outside of motherhood. Because, while motherhood is a full time job, and fulfilling, you can easily lose yourself in the midst of it.

Then came the pandemic. And the world being flipped upside down. And being stuck at home with 3 kids 24/7 without anywhere to go, was draining. I was treading water and barely surviving. I realized most days I would zone out by scrolling on my phone. Only I would use that time to compare myself to the other people I followed. As you can imagine my self worth took a hit. I knew that instead of spending my time scrolling and comparing myself I needed more time with Jesus. And decided to start WFM. I knew I needed to start my days with Jesus, and figured I could share that with others. Then of course, when you love something you talk about it to your bestie. And, well, Sofia brought her gifts to WFM.

I know God isn’t done here. And I know that this journey has just begun. But I am so grateful that you are here with us.

And before you get discouraged with where you are at here this: this isn’t the end of your story either. God works in our everyday life weaving things together. Sometimes we don’t know why we go through different things in our lives, and we may never on this side of heaven, but sometimes we get to use our own stories to get others through theirs. Fruitful seasons and hard seasons can both be used to encourage others in our lives.

Wherever you are today remember that God is right there with you. Whether you know exactly where God is leading you, or you don’t: trust He is there, He won’t leave you, and He wants the best for you.


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