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Whether you are new to your walk with Jesus or a seasoned Christian we all can struggle with prayer. We also know that prayer can be daunting so we’ve created this library of free resources because we believe that praying and immersing ourselves in God’s Word each day helps to ground us in our faith while we learn more about what God has to say (Romans 12:2).

Image by Ben White

Prayer Journals

Our FREE prayer journals provide comfort and connection to God. The simple layout with writing prompts and short verses will help you navigate through seasons of anxiety, trust in God or gratitude. Download them below!


Lock Screens

Be reminded of God's greatness every time you look at your phone!

Image by Joel Muniz

How to read the Bible

Reading your Bible can be a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you read it? And why do you read it? The Bible is the tool God gave us to learn about who He is. It contains God’s words, and allows us to see His story. For resources on how to read the bible, click download below!

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